Armida Theater.
The Mediterranean from show.

From musical to cinema, from vaudeville to gastronomy, the Armida Cinema Theatre is all your emotions. Located in the heart of Sorrento, the Armida Cinema Theatre fascinates its guests with folklore of Neapolitan musicals and entertainment of modern cinema. Founded in 1956 ...

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Cinema Armida


The magic of national and international cinema...in the heart of Sorrento! Discover our schedule, buy your tickets on-line.



Neapolitan theatre tradition, fascinating Italian musical pieces and all the magic of the stage. At Armida Theatre, it’s showtime with real authentic excitement of the Tarantella Show and the Sorrento Musical!

Finally the new culinary concept comes to smile!

Enter to see a movie at the Cinema Theater Armida and here is the news you are happily meeting. An open space, colorful, with a Mediterranean sign: "Basilico Italia" is the new format for eating well. Where you can taste first courses that will alternate according to the seasons; proposals of what we now call "street food", served in the classic cuoppi. And pizzas, those prepared with the skill of the prestigious Neapolitan school and making use of the long leavening of doughs. With fillings made only with Campania products and of the highest quality. The team of Simone Fortunato, world champion, is present at the two ovens. And there is also space for those who are celiac. What are you doing tonight? Come see a movie? Or even to taste our specialties. Or both?

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Meeting, conventions and private events

Ideal for business meetings and conventions in the beautiful setting of Sorrento, the Armida Cinema &Theatre has a 650-seat hall with stage, suitable for large conferences, and two halls, with 137 seats each and a movie screen. All convention halls are equipped with loudspeakers, public address system and projector. Coffee breaks and buffets can be arranged on site. The halls of the Armida Theatre are also available to host dance recitals and stage plays of national and international companies.

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